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Candy Colored Vintage Typewriters, Oh My!

My mom always had her trusty 1960s Smith Corona typewriter ready for any occasion that necessitated a typewritten note or letter. I loved plucking away at the keys and watching the rhythmic click click of the typebars even before I could spell. I associated typewriters with being grown up and mature. So, at age 12, I didn’t ask for a Nintendo for Christmas like all of my other friends. Nope. I wanted a typewriter.

On Christmas morning, I was beyond excited to open up my very modern typewriter (its memory could save maybe 200 words). I typed everything on that– short stories, papers for school, college applications, and who knows what else. Though I now do all my typing on a MacBook Pro, I’m feeling some nostalgia for vintage typewriters like my mom had, especially ones in a candy colors like these…



MillieMeet Millie, she is a piece of strange pottery but I love her! She may be an aquired taste, but I love my buppy. She is half puppy and half baby, if you couldn’t tell. I could not be prouder of her.

I adopted her on Etsy from Clayflower, who makes the most strange and amazing creatures from vintage dolls and other oddities.

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