My Dad and I Checked Out a Corvette Motor for My Chevy Nova

This year in New York with my dad is to make up for many lost years, and create some memorable experiences. As I’ve blogged about before, one planned experience is restoring this 1969 Chevy Nova to its former glory. It needs a makeover not only on the outside, but also the inside, as my dad bought it without a motor or transmission! While winter stubbornly refuses to leave the north east, preventing any progress with the body, we took a trip last week to check out a Corvette motor.

Corvette Motor | Project NovaCorvette Motor — Tuned Port What?

The Corvette motor is part of a sad tale that involves a guy crashing his beloved 1990 convertible, now a heap of steal and fiberglass sitting in a garage. My dad suggested we look at the wreckage to see if we could buy the whole thing at a good price. Then we could use the motor and transmission and sell the bits and pieces to offset the final cost of the motor.

My dad explained that this particular Corvette motor is a tuned port motor and was state of the art in its day. That’s about all I understand about the thing. You might think that I’ve been here in New York for six months, so some of my dad’s knowledge should have rubbed off by now. You would be mistaken. Just now, I tried to do some google research about the motor, as I am apt to do. There were pages and pages of information about tuned port motors, but none of the words made sense. It was blah blah blah aggressive camshaft profile blah blah blah. In fact, I thought it was a tune port motor (which sounds more like a ride at Disneyland) until google helpfully corrected the search results.

Corvette Motor

Unfortunately, it was a big strike out! In his mind’s eye, the seller views this car as the gem it once was rather than a decrepit ruin. This clouded his asking price to $4,500, about $1,000 more than it is worth. I couldn’t get good photos of the rest of the car because of the lighting, but items such as the interior and soft top are in a deteriorated condition that would not allow us to sell them. While we left empty handed without the Corvette motor, it was a fun day with my dad.

And, the search continues . . .


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