Winter Wardrobe Blues

The locals in upstate New York tell me I’ve got strange luck to move cross country from temperate Southern California, as this is the worst winter in years. The latest snow storm dropped about 20 inches of snow over the last 36 hours. That’s more than I’ve seen my entire life. It’s been so cold and so snowy, this Southern California girl is experiencing some serious winter wardrobe blues.

While I’m used to dressing for this:

winter wardrobe blues | palm springs

I’ve got to survive in this:

winter wardrobe blues | snow

I’ve been wearing a thick, winter wardrobe of black, including a DKNY coat that looks more like a down comforter with a hood and LL Bean boots that make me feel like I should be at Mt. Everest’s base camp. With this much snow and temperatures that can be below zero, I have yet figure out how to diverge from this dreary uniform:

winter wardrobe blues | black uniform

1. DKNY Down Maxi Puffer Coat 2. LL Bean Shearling Lined Bean Boots 3. American Apparel Winter Leggings 4. Smart Wool Socks

Spring Clothes to Banish the Winter Wardrobe Blues

To counteract the winter wardrobe blues, I’m living vicariously through Anthropologie’s spring dresses and shoes. Their options are glorious and I can’t wait for some warmer spring weather so I can splurge on something pretty. I’m dreaming of gorgeous peep toes, wedges and heels. Soft creams and pastel dresses. Shoes that don’t require socks. Light and airy fabrics. Sigh. Hurry up spring!

My cure for the winter wardrobe blues:

Winter Wardrobe Blues | Cured by Anthropologie

1. Modernist Shift 2. High Hope Wedges 3. Almeria Heels 4. Meeting Point Dress 5. Ivoire Dress 6. Floristry Cutwork Heels

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